Photoshop 應用

Chapter 1

1. How to set up a new file and open exsited files?

2. About Image size and image resolution.

Chapter 2

3. How to adjust an image color and tone?

4. Image transformation and filter effect.

Chapter 3

5. The use of layers.

6. The use of clone tool.

7. The use of mode combination.

8. The use of Chanel.

9. The use of Path tool.

Chapter 4

10. Brush tool & eraser

11. How to fill color and change color

12. How to trasform the image.

Chapter 5

13. Images combination

14. Image effects

15. Image design

Chapter 6

16. About input and output (scanner and printer)

17. Printing the images (materials)

18. Publishing the images

19. Uploading the images

20. Showing the images



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